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Booking/Rebooking after the Pandemic

We know that for many, the uncertainty of future safety in travel is concerning.  We wanted you to know that we feel the same way and have spoken with the RCYC about what they are doing to keep you safer.


They have implemented new standards of sanitation and safety as follows:

  • Although the yacht will be ready to sail in December, they have chosen to wait an extra (4) months to insure that the world is in a safer place as a whole before beginning their travels.

  • They have added new positions, Sanitation Stewards, on their yachts whose jobs are strictly to disinfect public surfaces and areas.  This is in addition to the normal housekeeping staff.

  • The have implemented special filtering systems in their air circulatory vents and germ-fighting UV lights have been installed to kill germs as the air circulates through.

  • They are offering a "change your mind" option to cancel before 120 days of sailing, so you can take advantage of a great deal now, and feel confident that in a turn of events, that you can change your plans. 

  • New embarking protocols are also in place to screen passengers as they embark.

For those of you originally booked on the (Halifax) Oct 2021 sailing:

For those of you originally booked on the Oct 2020 and (Halifax) Oct 2021 sailing:

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